What is Watson Park?

Watson Park is made up of two parks, across the street from each other, located at the corner of Taylor and Milford streets in the South End of Boston.

The main park is a passive area consisting of trees and ground plantings, a pathway connecting the two park gates, and several benches for your enjoyment. The "Little Watson", across the street from the main park, is brick surface with a picnic table and two benches.

  • The park is generally open from 7am until dusk. Volunteers open and close the park, so times may vary slightly. The park is locked overnight for the safety and security of the park and of our guests.

  • If you bring your dog in the park, please keep them on leash, and only walk them on the path. The park is filled with many delicate plants, and allowing you dog to roam free does damage to the park plantings. And please, pick up after your dog.